95210 - FAN CLUTCH WRENCH 36mm & 48mm

95210 - FAN CLUTCH WRENCH 36mm & 48mm

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Works with most gas and diesel viscous fan clutches, with either a 36mm or 48mm hex holding the viscous fan clutch to the water pump. Two wrenches are needed to perform removal and replacement of the viscous fan clutch. One wrench to hold the water pump stationary (depending on the application a 99800A, 61600, 61500B, 10800 or 10900 ) and the other wrench a 95210 to remove and replace the viscous fan clutch.


61600 + 95210
Chrysler, Ford, GM, Land Rover, Mazda (except Ford 4.9L 6 cylinder engines, “Bolted on” water pump pulleys.

99800A + 95210
Chrysler, GM Late Model Gas Engines “Pressed on”water pump pulleys.

61500B + 95210
GM Late Model Diesel Engines GM 6.5L Diesels 2000-2001, GM / Isuzu Duramax 6.6L 2001-2005 and new straight pin slot fan hub 2006 and later. “Pressed on” water pump pulleys.

10800 + 95210
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep 5.7L Hemi Truck Engines 2009 and later “Pressed on”water pump pulleys.

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