Schley Products, Inc. was founded in 1979 with the sole purpose of manufacturing specialty tools for the automotive aftermarket. From the start, the Schley Products Inc. philosophy has been to produce economical tools of the highest quality and standards which, through innovative and sound engineering, make a previously difficult task now easy to accomplish. Before manufacturing a particular tool, extensive research is conducted to ensure a strong demand. Then the prototype of each tool is tested in the field for application, acceptance, performance and durability. Only after passing this program is a tool added to the Schley Products Inc./SP Tool line. Quality is the rule we live by at Schley Products Inc. From every facet of manufacturing to sales and marketing, everyone at Schley Products Inc. stands behind this reputation. With our growth, we have implemented a number of programs. Programs from reimbursing for tool ideas that go to market, to widening our distribution base to serve the technician better. We want to ensure that the professional technician will have the best tools available on a timely basis.



The founders of Schley Products, Mark and Paul Schley, grew up in Costa Mesa California during the 1960’s car crazy culture of Southern California. During this time, they began to modify and drag race their first and only vehicle, the VW beetle. Over the next 15 years, the modifications continued and the car got faster and faster until they became very competitive in the NHRA gasser classes. Their racing career brought them all over the country from California to Indiana, Florida, New Jersey, and even Montreal Canada. During this time, they won over 100 matches and broke and reset 23 NHRA national records on their way to becoming the first VW Beetle to run a 10 second quarter mile pass at over 123mph, with a normally aspirated motor running pump gas in the 1972 season. During their racing career they made many of their own specialty tools to help them work on the car in a quick and efficient manner, many times in the staging lanes between passes these tools were used. It is with this mind set and the need for specialty tools that they started their own tool company in 1979, to help not only their fellow racers but also professional mechanics all over the world.