New Tool Idea – Terms And Conditions

Tool Idea Submission Terms & Conditions. Schley Products Inc., appreciates the opportunity to review and evaluate new products and new ideas presented to it. Schley Products strives to give intelligent consideration and to deal frankly and fairly with those persons and organizations who make such presentations. Schley Products employs a staff of creative designers and engineers who originate and create, engineer and produce ideas and new products and who develop methods and techniques of improving those products already in production. This staff may have developed or have had suggested or will have suggestions to them a product or process similar to or identical with that which you wish Schley Products to consider. You can understand that Schley Products cannot and will not become obligated to pay for products and ideas that are already available to it. Accordingly, and in order to ensure against any misunderstandings, it is necessary to set forth the terms and conditions upon which Schley Products will review and evaluate your suggestions and samples of new products and new ideas.


Prior to Submitting the IDEA SUBMISSION AGREEMENT, please be sure that you have read and fully understand the following terms and conditions which regulate and govern that basis of your presentation. These conditions are as follows:


Schley Products will review a new product or new idea only when the same is accompanied by the attached Idea Submission Agreement properly signed and filled out. A separate form must be submitted for each new product or idea. The form will not be returned, therefore, you should retain one copy for your own records.


If Schley Products elects not to further pursue your new product or new idea, we will attempt to return it to you, but Schley Products shall have no liability of for any reason all or any portion of the presented material is not returned to you or if there is any damage to the presented material. Accordingly, you should retain a complete copy of all presented material for your own records.


The decision as to whether or not Schley Products will pursue the product or idea presented is solely within the discretion of Schley Products, this decision in such regard will be final and conclusive.


Should a new product or new idea be rejected, Schley Products has no obligation to disclose the reasons for such rejection since by such disclosure, Schley Products might be placed in a position of premature disclosure of its merchandising plans.


Schley Products cannot agree to hold your presentation in confidence for the reason that it must be disclosed to various employees and sometimes to those outside the company in order to determine its value and usefulness to Schley Products. Accordingly, is understood and agreed that no confidential relationship is expressed or implied by Schley Products acceptance of your presented materials for consideration and evaluation; and by presenting the subject materials, you hereby authorize Schley Products to disclose the same to such of its employees and to such other persons or entities as may be necessary or desirable for Schley Products, in its sole discretion, to determine the value and usefulness of the presented materials.


Schley Products has no obligation to compensate you for the idea or products described in the materials submitted, whether or not such ideas or products were already in the public domain or were previously known by Schley Products or its affiliates.


No officer, employee or representative of Schley Products is permitted to accept disclosure of an idea “in confidence” and no “confidential relation” may be established with the submitter.


Unless and until a mutually satisfactory agreement is signed extending rights in your idea or product suggestion, it is understood and agreed that you retain all rights afforded you by the patent, trademark, and copyright laws of the United States with respect to your idea or product suggestion.


Ordinarily, Schley Products will review a new product or new idea only when the same is presented in a tangible medium such as a sketch, written explanation and/or set of instructions, video, or prototype form. The conditions given above have been established for the purpose of retaining the goodwill of the submitter and maintaining the good name of Schley Products Inc. If the submitter is willing to recognize the above conditions and sign the following Idea Submission Agreement, Schley Products Inc., will be glad to receive this disclosure and give it full consideration. Thank you for your interest in our company.


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