Schley Tools – 11880A Heavy Duty Pitman Arm Remover/Puller

Schley Tools – 11880A Heavy Duty Pitman Arm Remover/Puller

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Schley Tools 11880A has engineered another tool to improve safety and speed while effectively helping you save time. Our patented pitman arm remover is engineered for removing large pitman arms equipped on 3/4- to 1-ton light-duty trucks, SUV’s and other vehicles. This tool has a forged construction, and its sturdy design allows it to be secured and locked in place while being utilized. The unique forged design allows for less torque to remove your pitman arm even in the tightest of spaces often eliminating the need to remove the steering box using other types of pitman arms. The pitman arm Remover manufactured with components that are made to last, and resist corrosion better than conventional pitman pullers that become faulty over time.


  • Ford F250/350/450/550
  • Dodge/Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500
  • Chevrolet/GMC 2500/3500
  • Will work on other vehicle applications


    • Efficiently and safely removes large pitman arms on 3/4 and 1-ton pickup trucks including F450/F550 models with ZF steering gear.
    • Patented design uses leverage action and requires less torque and space compared to other pitman arm tools and removal methods.
    • Accommodates pitman arms that are 3" wide.
    • Less energy required so there is no need to use an impact gun
    • Requires less clearance — eliminates need to remove steering box
    • Large, forged components and quality material resist corrosion for long life
    • Quicker removal: patented design simplifies operation while improving efficiencies

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