Schley Tools – 12700 3-Piece 11mm Offset Brake Bleeder Wrench Set for Audi, BMW, and VW

Schley Tools – 12700 3-Piece 11mm Offset Brake Bleeder Wrench Set for Audi, BMW, and VW

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Our three-piece 11mm wrench set is the perfect complement to the technician that needs to service brakes without removing wheels. Our wrenches are uniquely engineered for working on Audi, BMW, and VW applications where the OE electromagnetic parking brake systems are used. This Allows the technician to reach difficult to access bleeder screws on calipers with electromechanical parking brakes without the need to remove the wheels in most cases the bleeder screw can be accessed easily. Either use the 12-point box end wrench or the standard open-end wrench when applicable. These wrenches are angled and are specific for each manufacturer vehicle that require the proper reach to service and bleed the calipers.


  • Specific – Each wrench is engineered to a specific vehicle manufacturer Audi, BMW, and VW.
  • Unique Features – Each wrench is designed to accommodate caliper mounted electromechanical parking brakes.
  • Convenient – Designed to work without removing the wheels.
  • Easy to Use – Allows to open and close brake cylinder screws for bleeding air from brake cylinders with bleeder screws.
  • Confined and Tight Spaces – Offset design enables working in confined and tight spaces, allows access to hard-to-reach bleeder screws with ease.
  • Double Ended – Unique double-ended design allows technician the ability the
  • Effective Design – Extra thickness on wrench wall enhances coverage on bleeder valves, preventing undesired brake-off on rusty bleeder screw.
  • Proper Angle – Each wrench in this set is angled to the specific vehicle application making the service and bleeding easy and quick.

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