Schley Tools – 13450A 3-Jaw Harmonic Balancer Puller HEMI Engines

Schley Tools – 13450A 3-Jaw Harmonic Balancer Puller HEMI Engines

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Schley Products, 13450A 3-Jaw Harmonic Balancer Puller HEMI Engines

This unique tool has been developed to aid in the removal of the harmonic damper pulleys found on the Chrysler HEMI V8-5.7 and V6-3.5L liter engines where tight space allowed to insert the puller leg through the pulley is too small for any conventional universal puller to work without grinding away all its strength, then it still may not have the correct geometry to stay on the puller landings cast into the back side of the pulley. This kit, when installed on an earlier version of our Chrysler/GM Harmonic Damper Puller will give the professional technician greater accessibility and ease of use. Each leg of the puller now comes with a tension spring mechanism that when the leg is positioned on the pulley hub, will retain its position. The biggest advantage is when working in confined areas, the technician can "preset" the puller legs position prior to installing the puller into the harmonic damper pulley. This feature provides more control of leg position and ease on installing the puller onto the pulley prior to tightening the puller bolt when removing the harmonic damper pulley.


  • Designed for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep: V8-5.7L 2009 to current, V6-3.5 1995-2009
  • Slender design to fit the small windows in the pulley
  • Geometry that increase’s the bite of the leg to pulley as it is tightened
  • Includes six different length push rods and special patent pending tip
  • Spring loaded legs retain leg position and have correct geometry for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep harmonic balancer pulleys
  • Gives greater ease and control when installing the puller in confined areas
  • Eliminates the time-consuming process of removing the radiator and other components

Kit includes the following: 

1         97400-1 - 3-Jaw Pulley Puller Hub

1         97400-3 -Pulley Puller Center Bolt

1         17400-2 - Push Rod Tip

3         97400-5 - Clevis Pin, Detent

1         13450-1 - Leg, Chrysler (Gold)

1         17400-3 - Pulley Puller Push Rod 3.0"

1         17400-4 - Pulley Puller Push Rod 2.0"

1         97400-4 - Pulley Puller Push Rod 5.4"

1         97400-6 - Pulley Puller Push Rod 4.0"

1         97400-7 - Pulley Puller Push Rod 7.5"

1         64900-8 - Pulley Puller Push Rod 6.5"

6         64900A-SPK - Wavy Washer Spring Pack


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