Schley Tools – 18900 - 3/8” Square Drive, 24mm and 27mm Sensor Socket Set

Schley Tools – 18900 - 3/8” Square Drive, 24mm and 27mm Sensor Socket Set

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The 18900 Sensor Socket Set includes custom made 24mm and 27mm sockets that have a unique profile allowing them to access tight areas to remove and install hard to reach sensors. This includes knock, oil pressure, temperature and other critical engine sensors located in confined areas such as under and behind the intake manifold. Created for Honda, Subaru, and other import models, they will also work with sensors utilized on most import and domestic cars with gas or diesel engines. Made from heat-treated alloy steel, the sockets have a 3/8” drive and a 6-point hex design to easily remove sensors without causing any unnecessary damage.

  • Set includes 24mm and 27mm sockets with 3/8-drive and 19mm hex for added functionality where a normal socket wrench or breaker bar will not fit.
  • Forged from alloy steel for strength and durability.
  • Compact design allows them to reach confined areas.
  • Works with sensors on import or domestic and gas or diesel engines.
  • 6-point design easily removes sensors without causing unnecessary damage.
  • Caution: The special profile and thin-wall design of these sockets prohibit the use of impact guns and will void the warranty.

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