Schley Tools – 15950 - 5-Piece ½”-Drive Protectors Kit

Schley Tools – 15950 - 5-Piece ½”-Drive Protectors Kit

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The 15950 Extension Protectors Deluxe Kit consists of two ½” square drive male and female hammers that connect to any length ½” drive extension, effectively protecting the extension operational ends should it be otherwise used as a hammer or drift. Our 15950 Protector Kit is the custom female hammer that accepts the three interchangeable hammer heads included in the kit. These hammer heads are made of nylon, aluminum, and steel for use in multiple purposes. The extension protectors expand the range of ordinary tools found in any toolbox. One example is using a long socket ½”-drive extension as a drift to knock something loose, provide clearance in a sheet metal panel or drive a bolt located in a tight area where a conventional hammer will not reach. Banging on the ends of expensive extensions causes the ends to mushroom and in time making it inoperable and will not fit on either a ratchet or socket. These specialty tools are precision machined from heat treated alloy steel and allow the use of a normal socket extension as a drift without causing damage. This hammer set is versatile, works with ordinary ½”-drive tools and the hammer heads are designed for a variety of uses.


  • Protects both ends of any length socket extension.
  • ½”-drive stand socket drive compatible.
  • Includes three interchangeable hammer heads made of nylon, aluminum, and steel.
  • Slim low-profile hammers-heads designed to reach limited access and tight areas.
  • Male and female parts to fit both ends of the extension.

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