Schley Tools – 16300 – V8-6.7L Ford Power Stroke Injector Puller

Schley Tools – 16300 – V8-6.7L Ford Power Stroke Injector Puller

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This tool has been designed to remove the diesel injectors from Ford vehicles produced from 2011 to current model years that are equipped with the 6.7L Power Stroke engine. Over time and with many miles on the engine the injectors become heavily coated with carbon between the tip and cylinder head, causing them to stick together. When using a factory tool to remove the injector, it rocks the injector and causes binding into the head. This may cause damage to the costly injector. The 16300 Ford Power Stroke Injector Puller is designed to pull the injector straight out without rocking the part. This significantly reduces the possibility of damaging the fuel injector or cylinder head, and it saves valuable time for the technician.

• Fits 2011 to current model 6.7L Power Stroke
• Pulls the injector straight out of the engine
• Lifts about 3/4" to completely remove a stuck injector
• Saves time by reducing the likelihood of damaging the head or injector
• Made from heat treated alloy steel for rigidity and durability

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