Schley Tools – 68800A High-Leverage Low-Profile Pitman Arm Remover

Schley Tools – 68800A High-Leverage Low-Profile Pitman Arm Remover

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The design of this patented 68800A has been updated and improved, incorporating new features not found on any other pitman arm remover in this category. The improvements make it similar in design to Schley’s much larger 11880, which utilizes an integrated dog bone design and gold zinc hardware. The 68800A quickly and easily removes the pitman arm from most steering gearboxes equipped with a worm and sector shaft design. It performs this operation without compromising the steering box position or requiring the removal of the entire steering gear assembly in order to remove the pitman arm. The 68800A is engineered to work on vehicles with steering boxes having a maximum dimension on the sector shaft of 1.5 inches and a pitman arm that is no larger than 2.6 inches wide. This durable tool is made of forged chromoly steel, which provides the added strength required to perform the task with ease and efficiency. Because it fits inside confined spaces and eliminates the need to remove the steering gearbox, technicians are able to work safely and more efficiently which increases their profit earning potential.


  • Fits within the confined space on most GM 1988-2000 (and later) C and K chassis trucks and SUV
  • Removes pitman arms on 2001 to current model trucks & SUVs equipped with sector shaft type steering gear
  • Works on most pitman arm applications
  • Forged chromoly steel construction
  • Saves time; eliminating the need to remove steering gearbox

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