Schley Tools – 11700 LB7 6.6L td Duramax fuel injector puller kit

Schley Tools – 11700 LB7 6.6L td Duramax fuel injector puller kit

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This tool is engineered to remove diesel injectors from GM vehicles produced from 2001 to 2004 with an LB7 Duramax engine. Over time and miles, the injectors become heavily coated with carbon between the tip and sleeve causing them to attach. When using the original equipment factory tool works on the principle of “rocking” the injector binding it into the sleeve and marginally moving it 1/16” at a time. By the time the injector is removed from the head the sleeve will be loosened or removed with the injector causing added work replacing the sleeves.

Our 11700 will pull the injector straight out the full length of the nozzle tip without rocking and reduces the possibility of unwanted sleeve removal saving up to 1/2 hour per sleeve when not using this tool, if a sleeve does come out the forked tool is used to gently remove the sleeve from the injector without damage so it can be reused saving money on new sleeves and again more time either waiting for new parts or just another trip to the parts department


  • Pulls injector straight without “rocking” allowing to the sleeve to stay intact.
  • Pulls far enough to completely remove a stuck injector.
  • Saves time by reducing the likelihood of loosening the sleeves (saving up to 4 extra hours.
  • Removes sleeve from injector without damage if necessary.

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