Schley Tools – 11000A - Mobile Hydraulic Press with Air Pump

Schley Tools – 11000A - Mobile Hydraulic Press with Air Pump

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Safe time and money when working on the suspensions with our Mobile Hydraulic Press. This tool allows the technicians or mechanics the opportunity to quickly move around a vehicle enabling the user to let the tool support the c-frame and working cups which are heavy and cumbersome. Fully height adjustable and balanced to collaborate with the technician so they are not hindered by the weight of heavy frames and cups. Each application varies on what tool to use to remove ball joints, bearing or bushings. The Mobile Hydraulic Press works as a third arm or second person allowing the end user to complete the job on their own, saving critical time and saving moving. The tool will become invaluable within a short time, contributing to its value as a great asset to any shop. Shop equipment can be clunky and collect dust but, the Schley Mobile Hydraulic Press will function as a mechanic the second it is used.

• Save time. Eliminates the need to remove components using a press
• Quick R&R of suspension bushings, wheel bearings and ball joints
• 18-ton hydraulic ram rotates to any desired position
• Includes a hydraulic pump and adjustable height jack
• Pump Mount has 12 pegs to store frequently used cups
• Includes 44 cups and receivers for endless size combinations

11000A Includes.

11010 44 Piece Hydraulic Ram Set
11020 Multi Height Ram Jack
11030A Air Actuated Pump
11040-1 6' Hose
11050 Ram Clamp
11060 Pump Mount

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