Schley Tools – T1702 - Universal Broken Stud Drill Guide Repair Kit

Schley Tools – T1702 - Universal Broken Stud Drill Guide Repair Kit

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Before starting any broken stud removal, it is best preparing the stud for proper removal. Our Universal Broken Stud Drill Guide Kit will pay for itself after the first use. To properly remove a broken stud, whether it is rusted or broken off below the surface. Proper removal requires some type of extractor. This tool allows the user to drill and repair 8mm and 10mm exhaust studs, as well as threaded studs in a variety of other locations on the engine and transmission. The fixture anchors off two good studs and creates a center to drill a pilot hole into the broken stud. The kit includes pilots, bushings, spacers, drill stops and other required tools.


  • Works on 8mm and 10mm threaded studs or bolts
  • Anchors off two good studs or holes to center a drilling pilot over a broken bolt or stud
  • 4mm pilot for progressive drilling which allows for proper drill to tap hole sizing
  • Allows repairs to be made without removing the engine
  • Drill perfectly centered holes in broken studs
Kit includes:
  • Pilot bushings for centering the tool on the stud
  • Four nuts to lock down fixture on studs 8mm and 10mm
  • Three drill stops which mount to each drill to keep from drilling too deep of a hole
  • Three sizes of hex wrenches 2, 4 and 6mm
  • Three drill bits 4mm, 6.5mm and 8.5mm
  • Three centering drill collects to provide a centered hole in the stud
  • One adjustable drill fixture

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