Schley Tools – 20200 M16 x 1.5mm CV Joint Driver Bit

Schley Tools – 20200 M16 x 1.5mm CV Joint Driver Bit

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The 20200 CV Joint Driver is a pneumatically assisted specialty tool designed to aid in the removal of CV joints on various vehicles, such as but not limited to Audi, BMW, and VW vehicles. Due to the drivetrain design and placement of the CV, it is extremely difficult to remove and replace the CV’s using conventional methods. The driver is engineered to be used in all standard size air hammers and is precision machined with M16 x 1.5M threads. 

A CV Joint Driver Bit M16 x 1.5mm is a specialized tool designed for automotive maintenance and repair. Its M16 x 1.5mm size corresponds to the dimensions of CV joint bolts, a critical component in a vehicle's drivetrain. This driver bit features a precisely machined head that fits snugly into the bolt's hexagonal socket, ensuring a secure grip during installation or removal.

CV joint driver bits are essential for tasks like replacing CV joint boots, a common maintenance procedure. Their durability and precision allow for efficient and accurate work, reducing the risk of damage to critical components. Automotive technicians and DIY enthusiasts rely on such tools to maintain the reliability and safety of a vehicle's drivetrain system, making the CV Joint Driver Bit M16x1.5mm a valuable addition to any toolbox. 

A 1-1/8 Hex Crowfoot Wrench is a specialized hand tool designed for use in situations where traditional wrenches or sockets cannot provide access due to space constraints or obstructions. This versatile tool is particularly useful in automotive and mechanical applications.

  • Size Compatibility: The M16 x 1.5mm designation indicates the bit's compatibility with CV joint bolts of wrenchthis specific size, commonly found in automotive applications.
  • Pneumatic Air Hammer Compatibility: This driver bit is designed to be used with a pneumatic air hammer, making it a powerful and efficient tool for CV joint removal.
  • Speed and Efficiency: When paired with an air hammer, it allows for rapid installation and removal of CV joint bolts, reducing labor time.
  • Durability: These bits are made from heat-treated forged alloy steel to withstand the high impact forces generated by pneumatic air hammers, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Precision and Safety: The M16 x 1.5mm CV Driver Bit ensures accurate and secure engagement with the CV joint bolts, minimizing the risk of damage to critical drivetrain components while enhancing safety and efficiency during maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Applications: Audi, BMW and VW but not limited to.
  • Purposefully built: At 8.75” long this driver allows the technician or DIY’er optimal distance away from suspension components to remove the CV joint.

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