Schley tools – 96800 Universal Camshaft Pulley Holding Tool

Schley tools – 96800 Universal Camshaft Pulley Holding Tool

Vendor: SP Tool - Schley Products

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Engineered with grooved pins to hold the camshaft pulley stationary while loosening and tightening the center shaft bolt. The rear pulleys on these models are in very close proximity to the shock tower making removal and replacement difficult without locking the proper locking device.


  • Fitment: universal applications, single and dual overhead cam engines
  • Material: made of premium and sturdy steel, long handle design enables technician to easily hold the camshaft sprockets pulley that without bending to work.
  • Application: great holding tool for timing belt changes, cam seal replacement, cam gear removal, camshaft pulleys installation.
  • Function: when you need to remove the bolts of camshaft, use with this tool, it can hold camshaft sprockets stationary, easy to tightening/loosen the bolt.

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