Schley Tools – 61600 36mm and 48mm Extended Length Fan Clutch Wrench

Schley Tools – 61600 36mm and 48mm Extended Length Fan Clutch Wrench

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Schley Products has updated the design of its Patented 61600A Universal Fan Clutch Wrench with a longer handle to provide extended reach, making it easier for technicians to access and hold the bolts that secure the bolt-on water pump pulley when removing and replacing the viscous fan clutch. The tool is easy to use, too. With one hand simply hook the wrench on the pulley bolts and hold to remove the viscous fan clutch. It’s also used when installing the viscous fan clutch by reversing the position of the wrench. Schley Products recommends using the 61600A tool in conjunction with the new forged 95210A 36mm/48mm Fan Clutch Wrench.

95260 40mm use with 61600 for 1992-1996 Econoline Vans, 1993-1996 F Series Pickup trucks, with 4.9L engines.

  • Patented one-piece design works on most bolt-on style water pump pulleys
  • 20” length with special hook end provides quick engagement and versatility
  • Use for removal and installation of viscous fan clutch, just reverse tool on bolt heads.
  • Applications include most gas and diesel engines with viscous fan clutches.
  • Heat treated forged alloy steel for strength and durability.

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